Is Your Church Community-oriented?

Posted on February 7, 2012


While many Christians today are closely monitoring the growth and activity of Islam, especially after 9/11, another religious movement has been steadily growing “under the radar” and could become among the largest religions in the United States in less than five years.

“Wicca is the fastest-growing religion in America, set to be the third largest religion by 2012,” claims Marla Alupoaicei, who co-wrote the recently released book “Generation Hex” with fellow Christian author Dillon Burroughs.

“The numbers of adherents are doubling every 30 months,” she says.

While “Harry Potter” and other media like “Charmed,” “Buffy,” “Sabrina,” and “The Craft” have skyrocketed witchcraft into the public eye, the authors both agreed that among the biggest draws to the Wiccan culture is how community-oriented it is. [SOURCE]

FYI – Wicca is a form of witchcraft. [ABOUT WICCA]

Fastest growing religion or not, I am interested in why Wicca is growing so quickly.  The article stated that people are interested in the Wiccan culture because it is community-oriented.  Members of the Wiccan faith feel accepted for who they are and can be themselves without being judged and criticized.  

FACT: Many Adventist churches are not safe places to be real and transparent. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are some healthy churches out there, but for the most part, most of them are clickish, gossip clubs, and mission-less.  While doctrines and teachings are very important, it is imperative that our churches are visitor-friendly, family-focused, and community-oriented.  If churches do not have a friendship-making ministry in place and people are not connecting at a real friendship level, then the doctrines and teachings are powerless when it comes to the mission to seek and save the lost.  

When Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem and on the shore of Galilee He intentionally connected to those He was seeking and saving.  

Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Saviour mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, “Follow Me.”–The Ministry of Healing, p. 143.

If we are going to create safe churches for people to meet Jesus and truly impact the harvest (seeking and saving the lost), we need to be intentional when it comes to connecting with our fellow church members and being ready to embrace new people as they come into our lives. 

Inviting fellow church members and new people into our homes for food and fellow on a weekly to bi-weekly basis is not impossible.  God has blessed us with homes and food on our shelves, now we just need to use these blessings to ministry to those who are hungry for friendship and a place to belong. 

Let’s grow God’s kingdom by being Christ-like, friendly, and accepting of others.  When the time is right and we have the right connection to those seeking something better, we can then share what Jesus has done for us.  We must share the truth in love, but leave the convicting to the Holy Spirit. 

CHALLENGE:  Invite a couple/family into your home weekly/bi-weekly.  Open yourself to developing new friendships and being real.