Homosexual Movement Road to Victory

Posted on March 9, 2012


The homosexual movement continues to grow stronger in the USA.  More and more states are compromising traditional marriage (union of one man and one woman) to include a sexual addiction that goes against the Bible and nature itself.

Those working to destroy marriage are using words like… discrimination and social justice.  They continue to place gay marriage and the civil rights movement on the same level.  These are two different kinds of movements and are nowhere near the same.  Civil rights (equality of all men and women no matter what their skin color or nationality may be) can be supported by the Word of God, while the pro homosexual agenda cannot be supported by the Bible and is technically a crime against humanity.

“We secured the freedom to marry in six states and our Nation’s capital. Using the struggle against race discrimination in marriage as a measure, that is still far short of the 34 states that had ended race-based marriage discrimination when the Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virginia (1967). While there is no mathematical formula for the needed critical mass, we must win more states than we have now. Each year provides opportunities to win more states, overturn the anti-gay constitutional amendments pushed through over the past decade, and increase momentum for the freedom to marry.”

“To create a climate that empowers elected officials and judges to do the right thing, we also need to grow and diversify majority support for the freedom to marry nationwide. Again using Loving as a measure, we are doing well, having moved from just about a quarter of public support 15 years ago to majority support today – far better than the 70% of Americans who opposed interracial marriage in 1967. Growing and diversifying the national majority for marriage will offset some of the challenges we face in winning states with anti-gay constitutional amendments. Freedom to Marry has tested the most effective messages to move hearts and minds, and through national public education and one-on-one conversations, we’re adding more supporters to the growing majority for marriage each year.” [Source]

As Christians who love Jesus and His amazing truths, we cannot stop the downward momentum of sin in the world, but we can teach our children right from wrong and set a good example of what real marriage is.  We can also up hold the Word of God in our churches and tactfully teach God’s truths every chance we get.  In the pursuit of truth and love, we must always be Christ-like in the way we communicate with others.  We should never belittle homosexuals or anyone.  Every Sabbath at church should be safe for an active homosexual to attend at not be offended.  We can talk about the truth, but must do so in love.

Let’s pray that God will continue to lead us in all things… that His will be done here and now.