Spiritual Poison in Our Adventist Schools

Posted on March 27, 2012


I have lived more than eleven years of my life on Adventist campuses (AU, UC, PUC).  I have also visited a number of other Adventist colleges and universities around the world.  In my experience, I have personally seen/heard false teachings and apostacy being taught with little or no accountability.

When I attended Pacific Union College back in the 90’s, I had a psychology professor who boldly taught that the Bible did not condemn homosexuality.  Seventeen years later the same professor is still poisoning our Adventist young people.

On March 5, 2012, Adventist professor, Aubyn Fulton, wrote these words…

I am quite convinced that loving and committed homosexual relationships are not sinful…. I also know for a fact that there is plenty good room within the Kingdom of God, and even the Adventist church, for our LGBT brothers and sisters. The truth is that there are a growing number of Adventist churches and communities that don’t just “love the sinner while hating the sin”, but do not regard homosexual relationships as sinful and welcome and affirm LGBT members without distinguishing them from straight members.

Aubyn Fulton, Professor of Psychology
Pacific Union College  [Source]

LGBT = lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender

Why is this Adventist professor still teaching/poisoning our young people?  Why hasn’t he been removed from such an important position of influence?  Where are our leaders?

Time and time and time again… rebellious Adventist professors have been allowed to remain in positions of great influence for many years.  These professors have taught or are currently teaching false truths like…

  • Pro Homosexuality
  • Pro Evolutionism
  • Higher Criticism
  • Cheap Grace
  • Pro Women Ordination
  • And more……

Where are our leaders?  Why do we allow our Church to have a system that caters to open rebellion?  When will we stand up for Jesus and His amazing truths?

Let’s pray for a spiritual revival and reformation that includes a restructuring for God’s endtime Church.

Jesus is coming soon!!!  We don’t have time to waste being “politically correct” while living in the middle of the greatest battle ever waged (great controversy between good and evil).

As the Spirit leads… Let’s contact our local conferences, unions, and divisions, asking our elected leaders to stand up for truth and hold all of our church, medical, and school leaders accountable.  This accountability must be accomplished in love and quickly.  All of our Church leaders (church, medical, and school) should be held accountable to the 28 Fundamental Beliefs and the Official Statements of the Adventist Church.  If a leader cannot uphold, believe, and teach these truths, they should be asked to step down or be removed ASAP.

May God have mercy on His Church!!!