Adventist Church Under Attack

Posted on March 28, 2012


Jesus has given us the mission to seek and to save the lost (Matthew 28:19, 20).  The sad thing is that we have a fragmented church to bring new believers into.  How can we be about the Father’s missionary business when our Church leaders will not stand up for truth.  We need to see our elected Church leaders stand up and hear them say, “As Adventists we believe in ALL 28 Fundamental Beliefs and will uphold every official statement and policy.”  If Church leaders will not uphold our belief system, they need to receive one or two warnings and if they still rebel against the Church, they need to be removed ASAP.  This form of leadership and accountability is not unreasonable.

Take a look at the info below and prayerfully decide how you can be a part of the solution and not the problem.

The Adventist Church world church does not, at this time, allow for the ordination of women to ministry in the Adventist Church. Instead, the world church voted to grant women pastors in the denomination the title of “commissioned” allowing them to perform all pastoral functions their male colleagues perform but with a lesser title. The issue was discussed and voted on during General Conference Sessions in the 1990s with voting occurring on primarily along geographical lines. In 2010, the North American region of the church voted to allow commissioned pastors to lead a Conference or Mission, as well as ordained ones.In March 2012, the Mid America Union voted to support the ordination of women to ministry within its territory, a position contrary to that voted on by the world church.A Pacific Union Conference action closely followed suit reaffirming “their strong commitment to the ordination of women” and planning further study for specific proposals at its next meeting.The Columbia Union also reaffirmed its commitment toward officially ordaining women at their meeting in March 2012.Also in March 2012, the Adventist Church in Southeastern California voted to move ahead with the ordination of women and issue all its current women pastors with ordination certificates. [Source]

Southeastern California Conference becomes the fourth denominational entity to indicate within the month its intention to move ahead with ordination equality. Mid-America Union Conference and Pacific Union Conference have signalled intent to ordain women alongside their male counterparts and the Columbia Union Conference reaffirmed a request to ordain women. [READ MORE]

March 22, 2012 (Riverside, CA) – The Executive Committee of the Southeastern California Conference voted today “to remove the term ‘Ordained-Commissioned’ and replace it with the term ‘Ordained’ on all ministerial credentials, regardless of the gender of the credential holder.” This is effective immediately. [News Release]

Go HERE for the official release.

Here are the four conferences/union that are boldly rebelling against the World Church.  These Church leaders have chosen to disrespect Church policy to push a personal agenda.  As concerned church members who care for God’s truth and the future of our Church we need you to need to stand up and speak up.

CLICK HERE —> North American Division to voice your concern for the above leaders and actions.