Adventist Voiceless

Posted on March 29, 2012


I personally believe the average Adventist Church member has little or no voice…

  • In the direction we are going as a denomination
  • Open line of communication with elected leaders
  • In the development and maintenance of church policies

Most Adventists spend a majority of their time making a living, staying connected to their families, and entertainment.  We go to church once or twice a week for Sabbath School, worship service, and if we are “lucky” – fellowship meal (most churches do not have fellowship meal every week).  In that short amount of time, we usually do not hear from world church leaders, union leaders, or local conference leaders.  For an organization with an amazing mission, we hear very little about the mission.  Not only do we need to hear about the mission on a regular basis, we also need to see and hear our leaders communicate a clear definition of what it means to be Adventists living in the final days before Jesus’ soon return.


This modern age we are living in should provide our Church leaders the tools needed to communicate with a majority of the church members on a regular basis.  Facebook, Twitter, blogs. video blogs, e-newsletters (with video clips in them), video clips in church on Sabbath mornings, and more.


I believe that our Church mission, examples of personal ministry, personal testimonies of ministry success, and a clear understanding of our spiritual, denominational, and theological identity should be voiced by our Church leaders on a regular basis.  One of the main reasons we are so fragmented as a church family is because various groups within the Church think they have the “freedom” to redefine who we are… picking and choosing what to uphold and what to push away.


Every church leader, pastor, and professor/teacher should uphold and teach the 28 fundamental Beliefs of the Adventist Church (including our beliefs about homosexuality, ordination, etc.).  If a church leader, pastor, or professor/teacher chooses to disregard or disrespect our core beliefs, they should receive two warnings (with love).  Leaders who choose to continue to rebel against our core beliefs should be removed as soon as possible.  This “three strikes your out” type of accountability should happen within one month.  Spiritual poison should never be allowed to remain unchecked when it comes to the life and death work of seeking and saving the lost.


It would be helpful for our conference, union, and division leaders to conduct regional townhall meetings.  This would allow the average church member the opportunity to see and hear from our elected leaders.  This type of communication would also allow us to ask questions and voice concerns.

As of now, there is not a system in place for the laity to communicate up the chain of command.  We can write a letter or make a phone call, but as we all know, most communications from the average church member is recycled and forgotten.  Think about… If an Adventist professor is teaching evolution in California, we have no way to hold our leaders accountable to do the right thing and protect our young people from the poison.  If a liberal group is rebelling against the world church and the policy not to ordain women, we have no way to hold our leaders accountable to do the right thing and make sure the issue is taken care of.  If we as a church is still segregated by skin color in America, there is no way to communicate with our leaders to bring an end to this sinful division.

We need Church leaders who will lead our Church and not wait for the next GC Session to make something right.  We have the Word of God, fundamental beliefs, official statements, and policies in place to give us direction.  Now we just need our current leaders to stand up for Jesus and His truth like never before.  If average church members see and hear the leaders stand up and define who we are on a regular basis, there would be less confusion about who we are and where we are going.


Please communicate with us and give a voice to help hold you accountable to the wonderful truths God has blessed us with.


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