Women in Ministry vs Gender Roles

Posted on April 28, 2012


The Women in Ministry debate continues.  Members of the Pacific Union Conference are being encouraged to apply pressure to the conference leaders in favor of women ordination. 

One in Christ, a grass-roots group of Seventh-day Adventists, is urging church members to write Emails to the Pacific Union Conference president and executive committee members in support of ordination for women serving in pastoral ministry. The group would like to see a widespread expression of support for women in ministry prior to the next meeting of the governing committee on May 9. [READ MORE]

The sad truth is that ultra liberal and feminist Adventists are pushing an unBiblical belief on the Church and more and more church leaders and members are buying into the lie.   Instead of focusing on the wonderful mission God has given us, we are wasting time talking about how equal or unequal men and women are in ministry.  This topic has NOTHING to do with equality in ministry.  This topic is all about self-focused Adventists trying to undermine God’s will. 


  • Men and women are wired differently.  Men seemed to be wired for logical thinking free of deep emotions, while women seem to be controlled more by their emotions. 
  • Men and women are physically built different (by God).  Men are built for strength and leadership.  Women will always need the protection of men in this sinful world. 
  • Men should be the primary bread-winner in the home, allowing women to spend 6-10 years at home rasing children and providing healthy home environments.  Once the children are in school full-time, this allows women to work part-time until the children have completed elementary school.  Our children should NEVER be placed in daycare to be raised by strangers.  
  • Women should be trained to provide healthy, home-cooked meals everyday.  Instead of eating wholesome foods, people are eating fast food and processed foods that kill the body and mind.  

I know we live in a time when having only one working spouse is very difficult, but I also know that it can be done if a couple chooses to live a simple life free of credit card and school debt.  Part of the blame can be applied to our Adventist education system.  Our young people should be able to gain an Adventist education without becoming slaves to the federal government through school loans.

God has created the family system to help make us stronger, but we choose to follow the world and create unhealthy homes where Satan loves to party.  Fighting spouses, abusive relationships, sick diets, bad attitudes, hurting kids, and divorces… 

The health of our homes dictate the health of our Church.  Instead of debating Women in Ministry, we should be focusing on developing healthy homes where Christ is lifted up.  The Bible says that Christ is the head of the home… then the husband… then the wife… If this system is developed in a healthy way, we would then have healthy men to lead our churches.  Men who have proven themselves in the home… men who have learned how to be like Jesus 24/7… men who have learn how to be sacrificial… men who have learned how to lead and grow churches through the power of God.  

This does not mean that men are better than women.  As humans, we are all equal in the eyes of God.  Once we have accepted the fact that we are all equal, we can then grow spiritually in the gender roles that God has given us.  Men need to stop acting weak and unresponsible and women need to stop disrespecting men… they also need to stop trying to take over the authority God has given them.  

We need to stop messing around and get to work seeking and saving the lost.  God has called all of us to be fishers of men… so let’s get to work and start impacting God’s eternal kingdom for eternity.