Liberal, Conservative, or Stuck in the Middle

Posted on May 8, 2012


Are you a liberal, conservative, or stuck in the middle?  I like to think I am stuck in the middle… that’s where Jesus was when He walked the earth. 

For example:

  1. I believe that homosexuality goes against God’s will and is wrong, but I also believe our churches should always be safe places for active homosexuals to attend.  No one… no matter what they may be struggling with should not feel uncomfortable in our churches.  It is the job of the Holy Spirit to convict the heart.  When a homosexual couple attends your church, you should be the first to approach them and welcome them with open arms.
  2. I believe that men are called to be the spiritual leaders in the home and church.  I also believe that women should be allowed to preach and conduct evangelistic meetings.  There is nothing wrong with women sharing the good news of Jesus’ love… the problem arises when women desire to replace men in spiritual leadership positions.  God has given us gender roles to help bring balance in a world of chaos.

These are two examples of a balanced view on two important topics in the Adventist Church.

Examples of conservative view-point:

  1. Conservatives usually talk rudely about homosexuality in Sabbath School, church services, in hallways, and fellowship halls (not all the time, but the topic with arise from time to time).  Many conservatives are not sensitive to the fact that there might be active homosexuals visiting the church and could easily offend someone.
  2. Conservatives usually take a very firm stand against having women teaching adult Sabbath School, preaching in the pulpit, and conducting evangelistic meetings.

Examples of liberal view-point:

  1. Liberals usually take the stance that homosexuality is acceptable in the eyes of God.  They want homosexuality to be accepted in the Church as something normal.  Many liberals believe that homosexuality is not a sin against God.
  2. Liberals usually support women in ministry for elders and pastors and believe we should ordain them as ministers.  Many liberal couples do not believe in gender roles.  I personally have seen many liberal women belittle and disrespect their husbands just as the world does.  Whenever a church is filled with liberal couples, mission usually disappears and cheap grace takes its place.

If you do not believe me… take a look at Spectrum (liberal Adventist magazine).  This “Adventist” group promotes pro-homosexuality, women in ministry, and theistic evolution.  Spectrum Magazine [CLICK HERE

Are you a liberal, conservative, or stuck in the middle?  I hope you are stuck in the middle with Jesus.  As moderate Adventists, we need to be warm, loving, and accepting of everyone no matter who they are without compromising God’s amazing truths.  All we can do is love others and as the Holy Spirit leads… share Jesus and His truths in a loving way.  Once the message is delivered, we must allow the Holy Spirit to do the convicting. 

I hope you will make your church an “active sinner” friendly place.  People should always feel safe no matter who they are or what they have done.  By the wonderful power of God, you can be the one who builds bridges of love in your local church.