What’s Next?

Posted on May 11, 2012


What’s next for God’s endtime Church? 

Here is a little history…

  1. We got super conservative and legalistic through the 80’s
  2. Then we got tired of the ultra conservatives abusing others (judgementalism and cold formalism) and we began to attend Willow Creek Church seminars and other leadership events to learn how to be a warm and accepting church in the 90’s
  3. Through the 90’s we worked hard to be a warmer and healthier church.  There was no problem adopting the “seeker friendly” methodology of being visitor-friendly, but we began to compromise our theology when we adopted their theology of worship.  I remember visiting an Adventist church in the midwest where the rock band was really rocking and the pastor’s wife was literally jumping up and down in the front row.  People got so tired of the cold formalism they were willing to go from one extreme to the other.
  4. From that point on the liberals in the Church began to slowly chip away at our theological foundation.  Examples: Truth is relative, Style of worship and music does not matter, We need to do whatever it takes to get people to like us, God made homosexuals that way, Lower shirts, high skirts, and jewelry on women, Theistic Evolution, Women ordination, etc.

What’s next for our Church? 

  • Are we going to allow cheap grace to thrive?
  • Are we going to turn a blind eye to the teaching to theistic evolution?
  • Are we going to destroy God’s home and church leadership structure by allowing women to be ministers and ordained?
  • Are we going to embrace homosexuality as a God-thing?

Why talk about these issues?  Because disobedience is a slippery slope.  If we are rebelling against God, we are following in the footsteps of the Israelites of old.  Instead of struggling with the basics, we should be faithful with the simple truths so to be ready for more difficult issues in the future. 

What is the answer?

  1. Prayer… Our current GC president is doing a great job to help us focus on prayer, revival, and reformation
  2. Our Church leaders need to clearly communicate our spiritual identity… “This is who we are and this is what we believe.”
  3. Accountability… “If you church leaders and university professors don’t like it, then please find another career asap.”  We do not need rebellious church leaders and teachers in important positions to poison our church members and children.
  4. Mission… mission… mission…  We need to be about our Father’s business of seeking and saving the lost.  This focus on missions will help us take our eyes off ourselves.

What’s next? 

If regular people like you and me will stand up and say, “enough!”  We will rock our Church like never before.  The Spirit of Prophecy makes it very clear that the final shaking will take place when people speak up for God. 

Let’s stop playing church and Christian and get to work!!! 

God wants to use you, but you must be willing to be used (read your Bible and pray everyday).  We need to make sure we always speak up for Jesus and His amazing truths, but always doing so in love and kindness.