Faculty Members Resign at Baptist School

Posted on June 4, 2012


Here is a great example of how our Adventist school, church, and conference leaders should be held accountable to the wonderful truths God has blessed us with.

Three dozen faculty members have resigned from Shorter University, a Baptist school in Georgia, after it required them to sign a “personal lifestyle statement” that condemns homosexuality, premarital sex and public drinking.

“Our university was at a crossroads to either take steps to regain an authentic Christian identity in policy and practice or we would become a Christian university in name only,” he said. [CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE]

We are living in a postmodern age where many intellects do not like to be held accountable to one set of beliefs.  Many of our professors and conference leaders have bought into the “Its all relative” lie.  I personally believe every teacher, professor, pastor, and conference employee should be required to sign similar statements of faith and lifestyle.  If they are not willing to sign… they should be asked to resign ASAP.  These people are in key leadership positions where they can either build up our church members or break them down.

Professors should never be allowed to teach a pro-evolution agenda.

Professors and pastors should never be allowed to support a pro-homosexuality agenda.

Pastors and conference leaders should never be allowed to push a women in ministry agenda (rebelling against the world church).

These types of rebellion will damage our Church and mission.  It is imperative that ALL of our leaders are held to high standards.  One compromise after another will bring about what we currently have in the North American Division… a luke-warm and spiritually weak church. 

It is time for common, everyday church members to stand up and hold the church leaders accountable.  The church leaders are elected leaders who work for the people, not for themselves.  Average church members have “almost” no voice when it comes to the health of our church.  But if enough church members stand up and say, “Enough spiritual laziness and rebellion,” we just might get back on track with God’s will for His end time Church. 


  • Not holding our teachers, professors, pastors, and conference leaders accountable to the 28 Fundamental Beliefs and other official statements and policies.  That includes 6-day creation, homosexuality, and women in ministry.

If we began with the above… our Church would be strengthened like never before.  I believe God would begin to bless us once again here in NAD and we would see amazing things take place.  Let’s stand up with one voice and say, “Enough!”  

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