Columbia Union Compromises

Posted on July 29, 2012


NEWS UPDATE: Church leaders with the Columbia Union Conference in Maryland, USA voted to compromise Biblically and rebel against the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

Columbia Union Constituency Overwhelmingly Approves Ordination Without Regard to Gender — “In a specially called session of the Columbia Union Conference Constituency, delegates from all eight conferences voted overwhelmingly to approve a recommendation from the union executive committee authorizing ordination without regard to gender. The historic vote was 209 in favor and 51 opposed, with nine abstentions­—a ratio of 4 to 1.” [READ MORE]

It is good to know that our GC president, Ted Wilson, strongly encouraged the Columbia Union leaders to not deviate from the voted policies of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

“The special constituency session lasted over three hours. During the meeting, both Elder Wilson and Elder Cooper spoke in strong opposition to the motion to move independently of the world-wide Church, which is currently conducting a study on ordination. Wilson predicted dire consequences for deviation from the desisions of the General Conference in session.”

“He then took issue with the idea that the vote would put the CUC at variance with the World Church, calling variance “a nice, polite word.” “In reality, if voted it will put you in opposition to World Church,” Wilson said. The president repeatedly used phrases such as “grave consequences” and “out of harmony” to describe the move to ordain equally.”  [READ MORE]

World Church Leadership Calls For Unity —>[[[READ MORE]]] —> This is the appeal that the Columbia Union and other conferences who vote in favor of Women Ordination will be going against.

I personally hope to see our GC Church leaders hold these rebelling leaders accountable.  I am not sure how this can be accomplished, but something must be done.

Instead to working to build stronger families, we are quickly breaking down Biblical truth.  Satan knows that weak and dysfunctional families will create weak and dysfunctional churches.  At a time when we should be training our young men to be Christ-centered home leaders who are given opportunities to prove themselves for church leadership, we are allowing the devil to gain one victory after another in God’s endtime Church. 

We need Godly men who love Jesus and His truth to stand up like never before.  We also need Godly women who love Jesus and His truth to speak up and support the men in the Church who have proven themselves in their homes. 

Please pray for God’s endtime Church!  This debate is NOT about equality!!!  We are all equal in the eyes of God.  Even though we are equal as humans, we have been given gender roles until Jesus returns to remake all things new. 

Please take the time to write a short note of concern about the direction our Columbia Union leaders are going.  [CLICK HERE]

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