Political Correctness in Church

Posted on August 27, 2012


What does this verse mean to those who claim to love and follow Jesus?

“For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but so that the world might be saved through Him” — John 3:17.

Living as an Adventist Christian church member and leader, I have personally experienced and seen others experience high levels of condemnation within the church family.  Instead of being safe havens of rest where people can meet Jesus and grow in His amazing grace, many of our churches are spiritual minefields.  People are spiritually and mentally attacked (abused) on a regular basis over the most foolish things.

For discussion sake, I will use a couple labels to help communicate an idea.  I have seen the ultra liberals condemn the conservatives for being too legalistic and the ultra conservatives condemn the liberals for being too loose with the Scriptures.

“Come now, and let us reason together” – Isaiah 1:18.

With that said… It is imperative that nobody feels attacked, belittled, or abused for holding a personal or worldview… even if they are wrong.  When it comes to sharing spiritual or political views and beliefs with others, all we can do (as real Christians) is to communicate what we believe and why and leave it at that.  It is the job of the Holy Spirit to convict the heart and mind.

With the race for USA president in full swing, I have seen some pretty sad and unChristlike comments being thrown around Facebook and other internet sources.  Just because a person is a church-going Christian does not mean they are automatically Republican.  Our churches have Republicans and Democrats in them and we need to make sure we are not belittling the opposing party in church, on Facebook, etc.  If a political conversation takes place, we can calmly state our opinions without slandering or belittling others in the process.  As Christians, we need to make sure we are not offending and driving away others with harsh and abusive words.

This goes for anything within the home, community, and church.  God did not put us here to offend and belittle others.  It is our commission to go seek and save others with kindness and love.  If people want to believe…

  1. The Republican or Democratic party is the right one… oh well, that’s their personal choice.
  2. The KJV or NIV is the right version to use… oh well, that’s their personal choice.
  3. That cheese should be used or not used… oh well, that’s their personal choice.
  4. That we can go to the movie theater or not… oh well, that’s their personal choice.

You get the point.  It is not our job to fix others.  If we believe something is wrong, we can and should lovingly share with others why we believe what we believe and prayerfully leave it at that… let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

As for “open sin” within the local churches (example: church members visiting the bar, having an affair, etc.) and spiritual leaders who are hurting the Church, we are called by God to take a firmer stance against this type of rebellion.  We can cover this topic in another article.

As the political races and spiritual differences continue, let us strive to ALWAYS be like Jesus.  Every word we speak and every facial expression we use needs to be baptized in love.

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