Let’s Grow This Ministry

Posted on September 23, 2012


GC Session 2015 is just a few short years away.  This is an amazing time to see Adventists from all around the world.  Thousands upon thousands will be making their way to Texas in 2015 for worship, music, food, friends, and church policies.  A couple of the main topics will be…

  • Strengthening our Creation Belief #6
  • Women’s Ordination. 

When it comes to Adventist online publications, we have our Church sources (ANN, etc.), two ultra liberal sources (Spectrum and Adventist Today), and some ultra conservative sources.  We are in need of a moderate online publication that adopts modern methodology and views while staying true to our Adventist, Biblical beliefs. 

If you have ever attended a GC Session, you will know that the ultra liberal and conservatives are represented in the booth area.  Here are four goals we are hoping to achieve before the next GC Session.

  1. Enhance the website
  2. Discover more writers
  3. Advertize the website
  4. Have a professional booth at the GC Session

These goals will take lots of prayer and assistance.  We need you help… If you are able to donate funds, we would be able to move forward with the plans.  Without funding, the website will remain as it is and will not grow in its ability to impact more Adventists in these last days. 

We hope to one day have the booth and funds needed to travel to numerous Adventist universities and conventions.  If you believe that we need a moderate voice that promotes…

  • Healthy families = Healthy churches (including Biblical gender roles, etc.)
  • Homosexuality is unBiblical
  • God created the world in six literal days
  • EGW had the gift of prophecy
  • The Adventist Church is God’s endtime Church
  • Etc.

Then please contact us… let us know how you can help. 

Shaking Time Ministries

Director: Ken Lytle