Are You In The Lord’s Army?

Posted on December 22, 2012


NYC Subway DeathSome of you will remember the news story about a man in New York City who was pushed onto the subway tracks and was killed by an oncoming train.

One witness gave this account of what happened…

He said he was shocked that people nearer to the victim didn’t try to help in the 22 seconds before the train struck…. “The people who were standing close to him … they could have moved and grabbed him and pulled him up. No one made an effort,” he added. [NEWS SOURCE]

I was not on the subway platform that day, but I do know from past experiences that I would have thought fast and tried my best to save the man.

This sad story made me think about the spiritual battle we are currently in.  The devil is going about like a roaring lion pushing people onto deadly tracks every chance he gets.  Because of his hate for God, Satan has made it his job description to hurt and kill as many as God’s children he can before the end of time.

In this battle between good and evil, we need to learn that we are the foot soldiers.  By default, we automatically work for the devil, but because of God’s amazing grace and the gift of Jesus on the cross, we can choose to enlist in the Lord’s army.

Many people claim to be followers of Jesus, but passively sit on the sidelines as professional judges and critics.  This type of Christianity does more damage than good.  God says that He would rather us be hot or cold instead of lukewarm Christians who hinder His work.

It is imperative that we decide once and for whose army we want to be in… Satan’s or God’s.  When we wake up in the morning, we need to ask God to give us an assignment for the day.  There are people all around us who need to learn about and experience Jesus.

That’s where we come in.  As God’s soldiers, we can learn to be intentional about our Christianity.  We can learn how to shine for Jesus in the way we live our daily lives and share Him every chance we get.  Instead of sitting on the sideline, we can share words of encouragement, tell people we will pray for them, share lifesaving literature, and invite people to home Bible study groups and church programs.  These are all things that all of us can do for Jesus.

Ellen White saw this in a dream…

I saw an immense ball of fire fall among some beautiful mansions, causing their instant destruction. I heard someone say: “We knew that the judgments of God were coming upon the earth, but we did not know that they would come so soon.” Others, with agonized voices, said: “You knew! Why then did you not tell us? We did not know.”–9T 28 (1909).

This dream teaches me that we need to make sure we are telling everyone about Jesus every chance we get.  We don’t want people to approach us in the end of time and say, “What… you knew about God’s amazing grace and the gift of Jesus on the cross and never told me… I worked with you for years and you never told me… I lived next to your house for years and you never shared with me???”

This type passive Christianity is the same as the bystanders on the NYC subway platform who did nothing while the train killed the man who was trying to get off the tracks.  Today, millions of people have been shoved onto the spiritual tracks and are trying to get off them, need our assistance to be victorious.  They need kind words, encouragement, a friend, an invitation, and so much more.  The question is… What are you going to do to help those around you?

The holiday season is the perfect time to throw a party and invite your neighbors and co-workers to… begin the evening with a few words about Jesus being the reason for the season and then have prayer for the food.  Your guest will see that you are “different” without being strange.  They will notice that there is no alcohol and smoking within your home.  And as they leave your home, you can give them a gift-wrapped book about Jesus.

As for me and my household, we are going to put together a gift pack for ten of our neighbors this year… food, card, and a sharing book.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my neighbors coming up to me with agonized voices, saying: “You knew! Why then did you not tell us? We did not know.”