A Church With No Voice

Posted on December 24, 2012


A Church With No VoiceHow can the Church be healthy if the average church member has no voice?  As of now, we do not have a system that provides church members the opportunity to express their concerns and opinions.  Our leadership structure gives unlimited power to those in office.  Conference presidents are able to build a support team that allows them to remain in office for many years even if they are unproductive.  When it comes to the election and reelections of conference leaders, the constituents are not given a choice, voice, or vote.  Two or three people should run for conference president every four years, instead of allowing one person to control the office for many unfruitful years.

To help create healthy dialogue and transparency, conference leaders should be conducting town-hall style meetings on a regular basis.  These meetings should be open for all church members, giving them the opportunity to speak.  There needs to be a basic standard that all conference leaders can be held accountable to when it comes to evangelism, church planting, education, youth and family ministries, medical missionary work, etc.  If conference leaders are not staying true to the standards, church members should be able to communicate their concerns and eventually vote a leader out of office if he is not being a Godly and productive leader.

Where is the accountability in God’s end time Church?  When will we be able to have a voice?  It’s time for average church members to stand up and speak up for Jesus.  Let’s stop playing church and truly become the church.

Missional Church II

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