Rethinking Church Structure

Posted on January 5, 2013


Preaching GospelAuthor: Lonnie Wibberding

In 1993, when I was eighteen, I had an experience that changed how I thought about church and God. I sold devotional books door to door in a summer program called Seattle Youth Challenge. That summer God became real. Even though I had known Him before, actively sharing my faith changed who I was and my picture of who God is.

I decided to go into full-time ministry as a pastor, because I wanted to devote my life to sharing the Good News that our Creator loves us enough to provide healing for this disease of sin we all have.

I studied, got the degree, got the job. It was a good experience. I don’t regret it. However, in the twelve years I was in paid ministry, much of the time I found myself taking care of the needs of those who were part of the church, who already knew Jesus, rather than devoting my life to sharing the Good News with
those who don’t have a saving relationship with Jesus..

As I read, and studied, and prayed, I began to realize the way we “do church” may affect how effective we are at reaching the lost and misguided.

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Fire Your Pastor: The Hope of a Lost World

“Fire Your Pastor is a call to a more biblical church structure. The author suggests thousands have missed a relationship with Jesus due to the way churches choose to minister. The book is written from a Seventh-day Adventist background, but is applicable to any Christian denomination.”
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