Creationism, Evolutionism, and LSU

Posted on January 12, 2013


CreationAuthor: Ken Lytle

The liberal “Adventist” magazine, Spectrum, recently published an article on their website that reminded us of the battle that took place to help hold La Sierra University accountable to the wonderful truths God has blessed us with. 

“For a couple of years LSU has been suffering near-hysteria over the advancement of creationism in biology driven in part by a web-based self-appointed tribunal sitting in judgment on how evolution enters the intellectual space for teaching biological sciences.” [Source]

The author of the article went on to say that Educate Truth (group of concerned Adventists) induced the controversy.  I beg to differ…

Something to think about:

  1. Why would an Adventist university be suffering “near-hysteria” over the advancement of creationism in biology? 
  2. Why is a group of concerned Adventists holding an Adventist educational institution accountable to what the Word of God says considered a “tribunal sitting in judgment?”

Praise God for Church and school leaders who are advancing the theological and scientific truth about creation. 

The Spectrum article goes on to say…

“Upon election in 2010 the president of the church urged all Adventist theologians or science teachers to believe and accept creationism, including a global flood. He said, “These positions are based on a literal reading of the Word of God and demonstrations in nature.’”

President Ted Wilson’s words sound good to me.  I am so glad we have a GC president who is not afraid to stand up for Jesus and His unchanging truths. 

Please keep our GC leaders in prayer as they continue to prepare for the 2015 GC Session in San Antonio, TX.  By the grace of God, they will redefine/strengthen our Creation Belief #6.  If all goes well, they will make sure it is clearly stated that we believe in a God in heaven who had/has the power to create our world in six literal days. 

Do not let the intellectuals (who have strayed from Jesus) in your local church cause you to weaken your belief in what the Bible says about a literal six-day creation and the world-wide flood.  You can trust God’s Word.   

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