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Posted on January 19, 2013


Unity Petition IIAuthor: Ken Lytle

It is hard to believe that God’s endtime Church is still segregated by skin color in North America.  There is no problem having Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, etc. speaking churches.  But having conferences, churches, and schools that are divided by skin color is a shameful blemish on God’s Church.  Addressing this problem is not impossible.  Some of the main “unity” blockers are; pride, control, and power. 

The time has come for union leaders to gather together conference leaders and reorganize the local conference structures.  There is no need to have so many conference offices (especially based on skin color).  We are living in a time in history where we need to be using every resource we have to seek and to save the lost.  Instead of paying for so many union and local conferences, we should be hiring more Bible workers, pastors, and evangelists.

Our official Church statement about racism clearly says one thing, but does not truly reflect the system currently in place… 

One of the odious evils of our day is racism, the belief or practice that views or treats certain racial groups as inferior and therefore justifiably the object of domination, discrimination, and segregation.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church deplores all forms of racism, including the political policy of apartheid with its enforced segregation and legalized discrimination.

Seventh-day Adventists want to be faithful to the reconciling ministry assigned to the Christian church. As a worldwide community of faith, the Seventh-day Adventist Church wishes to witness to and exhibit in her own ranks the unity and love that transcend racial differences and overcome past alienation between races. [Source]

If our current GC president’s father could write the above statement when he was in office… just maybe, his son, President Ted Wilson, will take this issue to the next level.

This public statement was released by the General Conference president, Neal C. Wilson, after consultation with the 16 world vice presidents of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, on June 27, 1985, at the General Conference session in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It seems that the only way our Church leaders will address this problem is if you, the common church member, will stand up and speak up for what is right.  Advent Voice is sponsoring a petition that will be sent to the North American Division and General Conference once we reach 10,000 signitures. 

Is a petition the answer to the problem? No.  But it will add our voices together as we communicate to our Church leaders our desire to become more unified in these last days.



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