Another Look at Ordination???

Posted on February 5, 2013


Man-with-BibleThe North Pacific Union Conference recently published a pro-women’s ordination article in the Gleaner (conference magazine).  John McVay tried to present an argument for women’s ordination, but failed to include a strong Biblical foundation. 

Read John McVay’s article here   

In response to the North Pacific Union Conference’s push to embrace this unBiblical teaching, 28+ pastors stood up and spoke up for Jesus.  Because of NPUC’s inability to present both sides of the argument in the Gleaner, these pastors created a website to help present what the Bible really says about ordination. – Feel free to take the time to explore this website and share it with others.

“There is no idea of a generic humanity standing apart from the concrete realities of maleness and femaleness. There is no personhood apart from male personhood or female personhood. There is no escape from masculinity or femininity.  These are rooted in, incorporate in the order of creation. They are foundational in the design.”  Humanity Male and Female – By Larry Kirkpatrick

What you can do to assist the NPUC Supporting Pastors

Jan Voerman, The Ordination of Women. 60 p. E-book