Same-sex Marriage

Posted on March 30, 2013


Gay MarriageAuthor: Ken Lytle

America is in the middle of a verbal and spiritual battle about same-sex marriage.  The liberals in the media, community, and church are excited about the momentum same-sex marriage is gaining.  More and more states are legalizing same-sex marriage.  As this happens, homosexuality is becoming the new normal. 

Soon it will be illegal to say that homosexuality is a sin.  Religious organizations will get sued for denying homosexuals church membership and employment.  

One pro same-sex marriage argument I recently heard in the media is that more young people are claiming to be gay, causing parents to change their view on the issue.  As more government and Church leader’s children claim to be gay, many of them will compromise God’s truth for a belief that accepts same-sex marriage as the new normal.  Support 4 Gay Marriage

In this pivotal time in history, we need to prayerfully study the Bible and accept what God says in His Word as unchangeable truth.  As we develop a solid, Biblical belief on the issue, we then need to stand up for Jesus as the Holy Spirit leads.  We should NEVER get sucked into pointless and destructive arguments about same-sex marriage.  A real Christian will not belittle or aggressively attack someone who supports the homosexual agenda.  Christians will always look for opportunities to share God’s truth on the subject, but will ALWAYS do so in LOVE. 

Do not be afraid to stand up and speak up for Jesus.  What you need to “fear” (or be careful of)  is allowing the devil to use you to cast a negative shadow on God’s cause and truth. 


  1. Homosexuality is a sin against God
  2. Homosexuality is a sin against nature
  3. Homosexuality destroys formations of healthy family units
  4. Homosexuality and adoption robs adopted children of a mother and father (both are needed)

If you have a family member or friend who claims to be gay, please love and accept them for who they are.  Do not get pulled into harmful debates about right and wrong and gay agenda politics.  Your family member or friend already knows what you believe about homosexuality and it should not be a driving wedge that kills your relationship with that person.  Love, love, love… show Jesus’s love to your homosexual family and friends and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.  The main thing is that you do not compromise God’s saving truth to make their sin acceptable. 

Jesus stood up and spoke up for you… let’s stand up and speak up for Him… no matter the cost.

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