Church Unity and Structure

Posted on April 6, 2013


EarthLoveUnityAuthor: Ken Lytle

Media outlets and Hollywood have shed light on the civil rights movement and slavery in America in the past year.  America has reached a point in its history where a majority of its citizens has embraced the unity of ethnic races.  Unfortunately, there are pockets of ignorant people who still hold onto racist views, but for the most part, a majority of America is accepting of each other when it comes to the color of skin. 

The desegregating of American schools, water fountains, restrooms, buses, etc. has helped America move the civil rights movement forward.  If desegregating America has helped us move forward, why then does the Adventist Church in America continue to remain segregated by the color of skin?  I personally believe the reason is because our Church leaders and educators have not educated our Church members in regards to this issue.  We have made it a nonissue. 

The time has come for our Church leaders to desegregate God’s endtime Church.  We will never be united as a Church family as long as we are divided by skin color.  Many Adventist would agree on the fact that our Church needs to be restructured.  If we were to restructure our Church to bring it into the 21st century, we could include desegregation. 

In this digital age, we do not need such a top heavy Church structure.  Because of technology, we could dissolve the Union Conferences and restructure the “State Conferences” into a unification of all people no matter their skin color or language.  The State Conferences could then report to Regional Division offices through the use of technology.  This would free up millions of dollars of tithe for church planting and evangelism.  

Desegregating and restructuring Adventism in America should take place at the same time.  Jesus is coming soon and there is no time to waste in the mission to seek and save the lost in the world around us.  Let’s encourage our Church leaders to stand up for Jesus and His truth in this generation.  If you are a Church leader or educator, please use your God-given influence to help bring about change.  Let’s finish the work and go home to be with Jesus!