Posted on May 7, 2013


Ken Lytle

Here is another presentation in the SEEDS FOR REVIVAL series.  It is time for us to come to life in our churches and be the Church God has called us to be in these last days.

Growth Groups (Small Groups) are a wonderful way for church members and attendees to grow spiritually.  Church services are good for basic worship, but very little is accomplished in the way of fellowship, Bible study, and prayer that leads to personal accountability and growth.  Please consider developing Growth Groups in your local church.

  1. Pray about the development of Growth Groups (GG)
  2. Clear it with the church board
  3. Cast a vision for GG… making sure a majority of the church members and leaders are in agreement
  4. Provide training… Identify host homes and home leaders (a host home owner do not have to be the group leader)
  5. Develop an universal Growth Group program and curriculum
  6. Advertise the Growth Groups using the pulpit, bulletins, emails, facebook, word of mouth, etc.  Have church members invite their non-Adventist family and friends
  7. Set begin and end dates for the GG… You could begin the growth groups in September and end in May (six months)… taking the summer off for Life Groups (hiking, biking, camping, flag football, etc. clubs)
  8. Have a Growth Groups coordinator who checks up on the Growth Groups and provides additional training and mentoring if needed
  9. Give Growth Group leaders an opportunity to give short testimonies in church
  10. Expand the number of Growth Groups as the groups grow in attendance
  11. Have fun and grow in the grace of God

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I am available for training church members and leaders if needed.