Wake Up Church

Posted on June 6, 2013


Happy woman in durum wheat field, brilliant summer sky.What does it mean to be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian?  Being an Adventist church member in North America seems to consist mainly of going to church on Sabbath, maybe Sabbath School, maybe fellowship meal, and maybe a sporadic outreach or social event.   Our “social club” methodology in the current way we do church is producing spiritually lazy and dead Adventist Christians.  Instead of being the on-fire, passionate, invigorating, exciting, and life-changing Church God has called us to be, we are stuck in traditionalism and organizationalism.      

Question: Are we worshipping an amazing God who loved us so much He sent Jesus to die our forever death or are we worshipping Adventist culture (god)?  

We need to begin asking questions about why we do what we do…

1. Why do we worship at 9:30 and 11:00am?

2. Why do we have a greeter ministry?

3. Why do we have Sabbath School?

4. Why do we still follow an out-of-date worship style?

5. Why do some church members/churches push KJV and hymns only?

6. Why do we have fellowship meals?

7. Why do we try to keep the old fashion “prayer meeting” going?

8. Why do we conduct traditional evangelistic meetings?  

9. Etc. etc. etc. 

I personally believe that if we are on-fire and passionate about Jesus, we will be advocates for missional change.  Everything we do in the local church needs to be about seeking and saving the lost.  If the lost will not come to church at 9:30am, then try 3:00pm.  If the church greeters are not connecting with visitors, then revamp the ministry and make it visitor-friendly.  If the Sabbath Schools are not seeker-friendly and intellectually invigorating, then prayerfully recreate the Sabbath School ministry.  If the worship service is dry and spiritually dead, then prayerfully reinvent the worship service ministry.  And so on… Notice how I use the word “ministry” when discussing each aspect of church methodology.  Everything we do in church needs to be focused on seeking and saving the lost.  EVERYTHING!!!

Do not be afraid to ask questions!  

1. Why do we segregate conferences, churches, and schools by skin color in the USA?

2. Why do we need should a top heavy conference, union, and division heavy leadership structure when we have cutting-edge technology to assist us, causing us to invest millions into structure instead of missions?

3. Why do we allow unconverted conference leaders, pastor, and higher education leaders to remain in office, causing our Church to be spiritually and missionally weak? (Example: Evolution teaching professors)

4. Why do we allow the homosexual and liberal women’s movement agendas to thrive and grow in God’s endtime Church?

If God’s endtime Church is not visitor-friendly, family-focused, spiritually-balanced, and mission-driven then it will not be a safe place for the lost to come and meet Jesus and for us to raise our children in.  

Let us prayerfully ask the right questions and allow the Holy Spirit to use us to shake the Adventist Church awake.