Church Divided

Posted on September 4, 2013


divided churchAuthor: Ken Lytle

As I view the current Seventh-day Adventist Church, I see a Church that is quickly becoming more and more divided.  The liberals are pushing pro-women’s ordination and homosexuality and the conservatives are stuck in the past, pushing for a return to the way things where done ages ago.  

This growing divide has caused us to lose our spiritual identity.  We no longer know why we exist as a Church.  Instead of focusing on the mission God has given us, we are playing church and wondering why we are not impacting the harvest.  

I am tired of hearing Church administrators play with words… talking about how strong and healthy the Church is in North America.  The Church could be a driving force for love and eternal good if it would stop navel-gazing and focus on the truths we all ready have in the Word of God and Spirit of Prophecy.   

The time has come for us to unify around seeking and saving the lost.  Church leaders need to be training church members on how to be effective disciples in the harvest.  Once the mission is clearly defined within the local churches and people are being disccipled, local churches can then be transformed into safe places for the lost to meet Jesus and experience His amazing grace.  Once people have met Jesus and know Him as their personal Savior and Friend, they can then be taught more advanced truths that are grounded in the Word of God and Spirit of Prophecy.  

We need to be living and sharing Jesus at every level within our Church.  In doing so, the Seventh-day Adventist Church will begin to fulfill the mission God has given us.