New Adventist Identity

Posted on September 5, 2013


Cross PathAuthor: Ken Lytle

The time has come for God’s end time, Adventist Church to create a new identity based on Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy.

As of now, we have a fragmented Church that is bouncing around like a pinball when it comes to theology and missiology.  Instead of holding our current Church leaders, pastors, professors, and administrators accountable to the basic 28 Fundamental Beliefs and the mission God has given us to seek and to save the lost, we are catering to itching ears and open rebellion.

It is not difficult to hold Church leaders accountable.  If a Church leader, pastor, professor, or administrator does not want to embrace all 28 Fundamental Beliefs… including the Ten Commandments, then he or she should be removed from office before very much damage is done.

If a Church leader is displaying signs or evidence of open rebellion, he or she should be counseled in what it means to be an Adventist Christian and leader and given an opportunity to rectify his or her error.  If the Church leader chooses not to embrace Adventism (at least all 28 Fundamental Beliefs and Ten Commandments), he or she should be removed ASAP from office before they spiritually poison others around them.  This is the accountability that needs to take place in God’s Church.

Think about it… How can we portray a picture of unity as a Church if we cannot agree of basic, Biblical beliefs?  Our Adventist identity is based on the 28 Fundamental Beliefs and Ten Commandments… all point to Jesus and developing a better relationship with Him.  All Church leaders should be held accountable to this basic start point in understanding God and His amazing truths if they desire to serve within the denomination.

Once we have Church leaders in place at every level within the Church who embrace all 28 Fundamental Beliefs and Ten Commandments and are not afraid to speak up for God, we will see amazing things begin to take place.  Church leaders standing up and speaking up for God will cause our Church to shake like never before.  Those who are not grounded in Jesus will be shook out, making room for those outside the Church who are looking for a place to belong to that reflects Jesus and His love and His truth.

What will you do to help bring change to God’s Church?