You Are What You Eat

Posted on September 18, 2013


ObeseAuthor: Ken Lytle

I personally have been on a journey to lose weight over the last 12 months.  About a year ago I decided to get serious about getting back in shape.  I began cutting back on my calorie intake and exercising almost everyday.  To get started with my fitness program, I decided to begin jogging and weightlifting.  Training for the first mile was very difficult.  My muscles did not want to work with me and caused me a lot of pain.  I pushed through the pain and kept running no matter what the weather was like.  I have run in the rain, snow, dark, and sunshine.  I am currently using a headlamp to run in the early morning hours before the sun comes up.  Pushing through the pain, burning lungs, cramping sides, sprained ankles, and more has made me mentally and physically stronger.  I can now run ten miles nonstop and plan to run my first half marathon this year.  As of now, I have lost 30 pounds of unnecessary weight and feel 100% better.  (NOTE: The picture is not of me)

Choosing to be healthy is a lifestyle choice.  There is so much junk for us to munch on and the manufacturers know exactly what to do to make us addicts to unhealthy food.  As Christians living in these last days, we need to spiritually grow up and take control of our diets and lifestyles.  There is no excuse for medicating emotions and feelings with harmful foods, when we could be praying, walking, running, hiking, biking, and working-out when we are stressed out and emotionally weak.  


  1. Exercise a little every single day.  If you eat foods with calories, you need to be willing to burn those calories off ASAP.
  2. Exercise “hard” at least every other day.  Choose an exercise that will cause you to burn, sweat, and hurt a little afterwards.  As you develop an exercise program, make sure you listen to your body and do not push yourself to the point that you hurt yourself permanently.  Keep track of how many calories you are burning when you workout hard. 
  3. Try different exercises and sports… speed walking, biking, running, hiking, etc.  Find something you enjoy and stick with it. 


  1. Eat healthy!!! 
  2. Shop for fresh fruits and veggies and eat them. 
  3. I personally use a veggie shake product that really works… Vibrant Health. 
  4. Juice fresh fruits (and veggies)
  5. Make fruit smoothies
  6. Cut back of greasy foods… way back.  Reward yourself every once in awhile, just be careful how often
  7. Count calories… ALWAYS!  Get in the habit of looking at the nutritional labels and compare how many calories are in the processed food and how many calories you are burning during a “hard” workout. 

Remember… You are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  If you choose Him, God lives in you.  It is imperative to provide God a healthy place to live.  How you look on the outside reflects what is going on in the inside.  If you are spiritually healthy, you will strive to be physically healthy. 

In the very last days before Jesus returns, thousands will be dying from diseases.  Drugs, flu shots, etc. will not save us from the epidemics and pandemics that are coming.  We must begin building up the immune systems God has given us and have faith that God will do the rest. 

Read what the Spirit of Prophecy has to say about healthy living. 

Living the NEW START everyday will help you honor God with your body and mind and prepare you for the final days. 


N – Nutrition

E – Exercise

W – Water

S – Sunlight

T – Temperance

A – Air

R – Rest

T – Trust in God 

Checkout this NEW START website –> CLICK HERE

Watch this video and let me know what you think.

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