Missionless Local Churches

Posted on October 25, 2013


Lost and Confused SignpostAuthor: Ken Lytle

Stop thinking your local church is healthy and functional!!!  If your local church is not growing spiritually and physically every year, then it is dysfunctional and stagnate.  How are you to know?  Does your church have regular meetings and activities that plan for physical growth?  Does your local church have a five-year plan for church building additions or daughter church planting?  If your local church is healthy and functional, then it will need to add onto it’s current building or plant a daughter church. 

October 2013 is here and almost gone and what have our local churches accomplished this year? Next to nothing is the correct answer for most of our churches.

Most churches have not truly impacted their communities. If they closed their doors, local communities would not even notice or miss them. The majority of our churches are maintaining the status quo, floating down the lazy river with no missional direction or momentum. For the most part, these churches exist to play church once a week. Instead of focusing on the mission to seek and to save the lost, they conduct traditional or semi-traditional church services that put our members to sleep. I do not know about you, but I am tired of looking around the church on Sabbath morning and seeing young people and adults spacing out, facebooking, texting, and dozing instead of praising God and growing in His amazing grace.

What will it take for our church leaders and pastors to wake up and smell the Roma (caffeine-free coffee for those who don’t know)? We need to stop catering to the desires of the money-giving, missionless church leaders who want to keep our churches for themselves. Church is to be the mission to seek and to save the lost. If any part of the church is not all about seeking the lost, then it needs to be restructured or shutdown.

The time has come for us to stop asking our church members and leaders what they want and begin mingling in the communities, asking the unchurched what they want and need. 

  • If the church service is out-of-date, uninspiring, and boring, then change it. 
  • If the Sabbath Schools are out-of-date, uninspiring, and boring, then change them. 
  • If the leadership is missionless and lazy, then change them. 
  • If the church is missionless, then change it. 

When it comes to living like Jesus and seeking and saving the lost, we do not have time waste in the way we do church. 

If your local church will not think outside the misisonal box, then gather a team of like-minded people and plant a new one. 

The question is… If Jesus has not returned by October 2014, what will your local church and/or personal ministry look like?  Will it be missionless and spiritually boring or misisonal, life changing, and exciting?


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