Woman President Rebellion

Posted on October 31, 2013


SCC PresidentThe Southeastern California Conference (SCC) recently voted the first woman into the position of conference president.  SCC has been leading the way into open rebellion for many years.  In this part of the world, you will find Adventist leaders who openly support homosexuality, evolution, consumption of alcohol, and now a turning away from God’s plan for gender roles.   

Delegates to the regular constituency session of the Southeastern California Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church voted today (October 27) to elect Pastor Sandra E. Roberts as conference president…. It is the first time on record that a woman has been elected to the office of conference president in the Adventist denomination…. Denominational policy specifies that a conference president is to be an ordained minister, and Roberts is an ordained minister because a year ago the Pacific Union Conference in a constituency meeting established a policy ending gender discrimination in the ordination of clergy. She was the first of this new generation of ordained women to be nominated as a conference president.  Adventist Today Article

If the Adventist Church is going to become healthier and more relevant in these last days, we will need bolder and stronger leadership in the General Conference.  A fragmented Church with a weak identity will not finish the gospel work.  We need unified leadership who will boldly uphold our 28 Fundamental Beliefs while creating a safe environment for people to meet Jesus and grow in His amazing grace.  

As for women in ministry, we need to be willing to stay true to God and His Word.  Modern culture would prefer us to follow human reasoning and desires over what is written in the Word.  The Bible clearly teaches that men are called by God to be spiritual leaders in the home setting.  Personal homes are to be the training ground that develops healthy and effective church leaders.  If a husband/father cannot create a spiritually healthy home, then he does not qualify for church leadership (deacon, elder, pastor, or president).  

The first step towards recreating our Church into an effective, missional force for good, is prayerfully training our men to be Christ-like leaders in the home.  

Unhealthy Homes = Unhealthy Churches

Healthy Homes = Healthy Churches