Women’s Ordination and Liberalism (Video)

Posted on November 5, 2013


LiberalismHere is a short video about Adventist liberals trying to justify their theological confusion and rebellion.  

No matter how they candy-coat the poison, it is still poison.  Instead of focusing on creating healthier homes, which make healthier churches, we are quickly setting ourselves up for even more apostasies.  In the video, Pastor Carlton Byrd referenced a Bible text that liberals love to use… “Neither male or female” — Galatians 3:28.  Think about it… If it is permissible to throw away Holy Scripture because of this text, then the next rebellion could very easily be the acceptance of homosexuality.  For if there is neither male or female, then why does it matter who people fall in love with?  Others in the video tried to justify their rebellion by saying that we have the authority and power to reverse the consequences of sin, instead of waiting for God to recreate and restore us.  

If we stay with the Word of God when it comes to gender roles, we will discover that women can be filled with the Holy Spirit and even exercise the gift of prophecy.  This does not mean we can rip out all the other portions of the Bible that clearly teach gender roles when it comes to leadership in the home and church.  

What does the Bible say?

What are the principles that God are using to guide us in these last days?  

Why did God say what He said?   

I know what the Word of God says and that is good enough for me.