Women’s Ordination Rebellion in NAD

Posted on November 5, 2013


divided churchAuthor: Ken Lytle

I do not know about you, but NAD does not speak for me.  God, through His Word, is my guiding light. 

It looks like the North American Division is going to set a bad example and rebel against the Word of God when it comes to women’s ordination.  NAD leadership is infused with liberals who are choosing to uplift human reasoning over God’s Word.    

Here is the official decision from NAD’s Theology of Ordination Study Committee:

The NAD’s Theology of Ordination Study Committee is recommending to the NAD Executive Committee: “That we receive the Biblical study of ordination prepared by the North American Division Theology of Ordination Study Committee and affirm the conclusion that all people, men and women, may receive ordination as an affirmation of the call of God, and that the North American Division support the authorization of each division to consider, through prayer and under the direction of the Holy Spirit, its most appropriate approach to the ordination of women to gospel ministry.” [READ MORE]

This open rebellion is a sign of the times… Jesus is coming back soon!  Instead of staying true to God and His Word, our leaders in the NAD are pushing our Church in a direction that will make us weaker and more fragmented. 

We need to realize that our church is dysfunctional and unhealthy in North America because of the breakdown in family units.  Local churches are made up of family units.  If a majority of the family units in a local church are dysfunctional, then the church itself will be dysfunctional.  Instead of fighting against God to change His leadership structure, we need to be teaching and empowering our men how to be effective and Christ-like leaders in the home and church.  The Bible clearly says that church leaders must first qualify themselves in the home before they are be given positions of leadership in the church. 

Let us get back to the Biblical basics and stay true to the Word.  Standing up and speaking up will cause our Church to shake like never before. 

Let your voice be heard!!!