Adventist Education Revisited

Posted on November 13, 2013


Adventist EducationAuthor: Ken Lytle

I attended Adventist schools most of my education experience.  

  • Elementary school in Lincoln, NE and Berrien Springs, MI
  • Northview Jr Academy in Cadillac, MI and Sandia View Academy in Corrales, NM
  • Pacific Union College in Angwin, CA and Union College in Lincoln, NE 

I even grow up on the Andrews University campus while my father worked there for seven years.  I have spent 14 years of my life connected to Adventist education.  

Now that I have children of my own, I made sure they were schooled in the Adventist education system for their first eight years.  As for Academy, I just cannot afford it.

I believe in Adventist education, but know for a fact that we need to think of ways to make it more affordable.  Parents are pulling bank loans just to get their kids through an Adventist academy.  Then comes college, where Adventist young people are going in debt by the thousands of dollars to secure a basic education that has very little to do with our Adventist mission.

Is the goal of Adventist education to retain tithe paying, lukewarm church members or to equip our young people as cutting edge, modern-day missionaries?

We need to stop just educating our young people and include mission training into every course of study.  Theology and Religion majors should not be the only mission-focused degrees.  Mission needs to be the driving force behind technology, medicine, education, arts, music, etc.  Our young people need to be trained on how to use all courses of study for missions.  

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