Tour of the Adventist Headquarters

Posted on September 23, 2014


Author: Ken Lytle

Below is a video tour of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church Headquarters in Maryland, USA.  I visited the facility and was truly impressed with the art, mission, and global impact.  I only hope our Church will wakeup and smell the Roma.  We have a vast sea of Adventist resources that could be used in mission, but have allowed a top heavy structure to goggle it up.  If we are serious about being like Jesus and sharing Him, then we need to restructure and trim the denomination in such a way that local churches will have more financial resources at their disposal for local mission, outreach, and evangelism. 

It’s time for the denominational leaders to give the Church back to God’s people.  

We need…

  • cutting edge leaders to prayerfully and boldly lead… holding spiritual and academic leaders accountable to the 28 Fundamental Beliefs
  • a say in choosing conference, union, and divisional leaders
  • the denomination to be trimmed… leaving a percentage of the tithe in the local churches for outreach and evangelism

Let your Church leaders know change is needed ASAP.  

Stand up and speak up!!!