Passion for Church

Posted on December 6, 2014


UnknownAuthor: Ken Lytle

Have you ever lost your passion for church?  I have.  It can be difficult to be passionate about church when there is not a healthy local church to attend and the local conference is doing very little to provide good leadership.

When it comes to church, we have Biblical and Spirit of Prophecy guidance to help us create healthy local churches  Instead of using the guidance provided, we cater to traditionalism and the moneymakers.  Year after year goes by with little to no change for the better.  Our current churches continue to play church and remain stagnant and dead.

Where is the passion?

Where is the mission?

Where is the excitement for Jesus and His amazing truth?

What does a healthy church look like?

  1. A place of prayer – Pray, pray, and pray some more. Pray for unity. Pray for the families. Pray for the community.  Pray for workers to work the harvest.  Pray for the visitors.
  2. Visitor-friendly – The local church needs to be intentional in making sure everything from the signs to the greeters to the service is visitor-friendly.  Church is all about seeking and saving the lost.  There also needs to be visitor followup.
  3. Family-focused – The local church needs to minister to young people and families.  There needs to be quality children and youth programs and the church service must always be youth-friendly.  The worship service and music does not need to rock & roll, but we should be using newer songs that connect with the younger generations.  When it comes to the preaching, we should never have a bad sermon.  Each and every speaker should be skilled in delivering the message in such a way that pre-teens on up can understand and be engaged.
  4. Spiritually-balanced – The local church needs leaders who understand and embrace Biblical truth and will not compromise.  A flip flopping church is not a safe place to be.
  5. Mission-driven – The local church needs to be all about seeking and saving the lost.  If any component of the church is not visitor-friendly or about mission, it needs to be recreated or thrown out.

These are just a few things we can do to make sure we have healthy local churches.  One important clue that communicates healthy church is a 5-10 church growth plan.  A healthy church is a growing church.  A healthy church will need a strategic plan in place to either enlarge the church building or plant a daughter church in 5-10 years.  If there is no church growth plan in place, the local church is most likely stagnant and playing church.

What does a person do if there are no healthy churches to attend?

  1. Pray
  2. Begin learning about church planting in books and on the internet
  3. Develop a weekly, home-based Bible study group that does local mission projects and activities
  4. Plant a new church with in-depth planning and leadership support

Feel free to contact me for more information about church planting.

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