Why Adventist Church?

Posted on February 10, 2016


Sept13_ArticleGraphicI have been away from Adventist Voice for awhile because of internal conflicts about the Adventist organization.  I grew up Adventist, going to Adventist schools and marrying an Adventist girl.  After attending and assisting with an evangelistic meeting in 2000, I got serious about God and went off to Union College to study Theology.

My first pastoral district was in the Dakota Conference and later in the Pennsylvania Conference. I tried to enjoy pastoral work, but was constantly dreaming of something more and better for the churches I worked with.  The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy are great resources for pastors if the church members are passionate about Jesus and His mission.  If the church members are content with maintaining the status quo, the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy can be torturous.

Let me explain myself… The reason I was interested in ministry was because of what I read in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.  I learned about what healthy Christians and churches should be doing in these final days and wanted to help lead others in the mission to seek and to save others for the eternal kingdom.  After investing many days and dollars into my Adventist education and securing my first district, I learned that church and conference leaders (in the USA) are not interested in what the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy says about our evangelist mission.  They are interested in maintaining the status quo and playing politics.  I have sat through many conference meetings where I heard conference leaders say good things about mission, but nothing was restructured to achieve missional success.  This can be torturous to the pastor who is passionate about expanding God’s kingdom here and now. It is like having the medication needed to help someone who is very sick, but that person will not take it because it is not how they have done it in the past.  The dying person chooses to remain sick instead of taking the medication needed for healing and healthy living.

This is where the Seventh-day Adventist Church is right now. We are sick and God has already prescribed the medication needed to heal us, but our CONFERENCE and church leaders refuse to take it and use it.

I will continue to cover this subject in the weeks and months to come.  I have considered seeking other church options, but there is no where to go. God’s end-time Church needs to stop playing around with our God-given missional calling and get serious about seeking and saving the lost.  What will it take for our spiritual leaders to wake up before it is too late?