Vital Signs of a Healthy Church I

Posted on February 11, 2016


1399435342039The years are flying by and we are still lukewarm and stagnant.  What would the Church look like if we implemented God’s clear instructions?

  1. Our local churches would be healthy, strong, and growing
  2. Our churches would be safe places for people to meet Jesus and grow in His amazing grace
  3. Our churches would be connected to community leaders and members
  4. Our churches would be missed if they closed their doors
  5. Our churches would have discipleship plans in place
  6. Our churches would have relevant and modern worship services that connect with most age groups
  7. Our churches would be visitor-friendly, family-focused, spiritually-balanced, and mission-driven
  8. Our churches would have 5-10 year plans for church growth, expansion, and church planting
  9. Our churches would have yearly friendship and traditional evangelism programs
  10. Our churches would have church boards that begin EVERY church board meeting with evangelism on the agenda

Here are some healthy activities every healthy and growing church would have in the works.  Remember: Healthy churches don’t happen by accident.  We must work hard to create healthy and safe church environments where people can meet Jesus and grow in His amazing grace.

If we don’t do it… who will?