Ordained Pastors Rebel

Posted on March 4, 2016


divided-churchAuthor: Ken Lytle 

The Women’s Ordination controversy is alive and well.  There are a number of Adventist Church leaders and members who believe women should have the same leadership roles as men in the Adventist Church.  This belief is in direct contradiction to the Word of God.  The Bible clearly teaches men are to be the spiritual leaders in the home and church.  This does not mean that one gender is superior to the other.  We are all equal as created human beings.  Our God-given gender roles helps to provide balance in our homes and church in a world filled with Satanic chaos.  

BREAKING NEWS – The Washington and Oregon Conferences have recently voted to allowed their ordained “male” pastors turn in their ordination credentials for commission credentials.  

The committee approved the request of 10 pastors — eight within the Oregon Conference and two in Washington Conference — to voluntarily relinquish ordination credentials and accept instead commissioned minister credentials. Both conferences have recently voted to allow both ordained and commissioned ministers within their territories to fulfill the same responsibilities. This action acknowledges the wish of these pastors to be assigned the same credentials as female pastors under current world church policy. The pastors whose requests have been granted are… [READ MORE]

Instead to pushing this rebellious “human” belief, we should be teaching and mentoring our young men on how to be Christ-like leaders in the home and church. The Bible “clearly” teaches that men must first prove themselves in the home to qualify for leadership roles in the church.  If we were following this Biblical teaching, we would begin to have healthier homes and churches.  If a majority of the church families were healthy the local churches would be heathy.  Healthy churches would be able to achieve success in the the great commission Jesus gave us in Matthew 28.  

If only our Church leaders could see how intimately this Women’s Ordination issue is negatively connected to our overall effectiveness in mission.  Please stand up and speak up as the Spirit moves.