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Homosexual Movement Road to Victory

March 9, 2012


The homosexual movement continues to grow stronger in the USA.  More and more states are compromising traditional marriage (union of one man and one woman) to include a sexual addiction that goes against the Bible and nature itself. Those working to destroy marriage are using words like… discrimination and social justice.  They continue to place […]

Homosexuality is a Choice

February 12, 2012


When it comes to homosexuality, someone recently said this about one of my articles… “Your liberal use of the word “choice” is disgusting.” I do not know about you, but I am pretty sure our God of love has made it clear that homosexuality is a sin.  This does not mean we should run from those […]

Adventists and Addictions

January 13, 2012


Here is an informative link covering the topic of Adventists and Addictions –> CLICK HERE  Harmful addictions can kill a relationship, family, and even the effectiveness of a church.  We all have a “God-shaped” void within us (created when Adam and Eve sinned against God in the garden).  Millions of people around the world try to fill […]

Personal Testimony –> Drug-user to Pastor (Video)

November 8, 2011


Here is a great video of a man who slipped into a life to drug-use and abuse and was later transformed by the power of God.  This man is now serving as an Adventist minister in the Oklahoma Conference. Do you have a story God wants you to tell others?  You may or may not […]

Hopelessness and Suicide

September 8, 2011


What causes so many people to think that suicide is the answer to end “mental” pain?  (We won’t get into the physical pain side of the issue) I recently saw a lady in jail who tried to drown herself in a toilet.  She did not see value in her life and treat to end it.  Millions […]

Adventist Leaders and Homosexuality

August 3, 2011


As homosexuality becomes accepted as the norm in secular society, more and more Adventists are beginning to set aside Biblical truth about the homosexual lifestyle for a water-down and weak faith.  One Adventist minister has publicly taken a stand for accepting homosexuality as something one is born or created with.  Even though I disagree with […]

Pro-Homosexual, Adventists Speak Out

July 23, 2011


As God predicted through His Holy Scriptures, homosexuality is quickly becoming acceptable in these last days.  We are seeing more and more religious people, denominations, and politicians leaning liberal when it comes to gay marriage.  Educated church members are trying to make a good argument to accept homosexuality as a God thing and if those around […]