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Adventist Fundamental Belief on Creation – Update

June 1, 2011


Further Definition on Tap for Adventist Fundamental Belief on Creation  25 May 2011, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Elizabeth Lechleitner/ANN “Members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s newly formed Fundamental Beliefs Review Committee are expected to meet in June, the next step in a five-year process to clarify the denomination’s biblical understanding of origins.”  [CLICK HERE] to […]

La Sierra University Will Support Our Creation Belief

April 12, 2011


As many of you know, La Sierra University has boldly defied popular belief when it comes to the teaching of creation vs. evolution.  For years they have paid professors to teach anti-creation, pro-evolution to our young people.  From time to time, pro-creation students have been ridiculed for their beliefs while attending this Adventist school.  With […]

PUC and Evolution???

November 8, 2010


I just came across a video of a PUC biology professor speaking to religion majors. The professor was asked to address the creation vs. evolution debate. The professor begins by laying out the four main criticisms that evolutionists have with the creation “facts.” (1) Noah’s Flood (2) Age of the Earth (3) Type of Creation […]

Creation Belief #6

July 6, 2010


What is the process that needs to take place for us to strengthen the creation belief #6?  I know we have three years to make the changes and submit it to the General Conference.  Who is in charge of the process?  Please send me some answers if you are in the loop.  Thanks!

LSU News

May 11, 2010


“Louie Bishop pulls the veil from LSU’s new biology seminar (BIOL 111A). An advertisement for the class in the Pacific Union Recorder (Nov. 2009) said the class would include “the Seventh-day Adventist teachings on the biblical doctrine of creation….” This is not the case.” Click here to read the news for yourself…

La Sierra University Responds Again

May 5, 2010


La Sierra University has recently released another response in defense of their stance in the evolution vs. creation debate (April 1, 2010).  Instead of saying, “We are sorry for not protecting our Adventist young people from the evolution poison,” or “We are sorry for hiring professors who believe in and teach evolution,” or “We should […]

How long should we allow evolution to be taught in an Adventist school?

April 1, 2010


The La Sierra University controversy is alive and well. Even with documented proof, the university administrators still allow evolution to be taught to our developing, young minds (school students). “La Sierra biology professor Gary Bradley was quoted as saying, “It’s very, very clear that what I’m skeptical of is the absolute necessity of believing that […]