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You Are What You Eat

September 18, 2013


Author: Ken Lytle I personally have been on a journey to lose weight over the last 12 months.  About a year ago I decided to get serious about getting back in shape.  I began cutting back on my calorie intake and exercising almost everyday.  To get started with my fitness program, I decided to begin jogging […]

NEWSTART GLOBAL – Pres. Ted Wilson

August 9, 2012


President Ted Wilson joined the Weimar group to talk about Health Evangelism.  It’s so important for us to use Health Evangelism when reaching the lost in the world around us.  So many people are hurting and need guidance when it comes to their health.  If we can help those in need, they just might want to […]

Gender Roles and the Church

July 21, 2012


I would like to unpack a current hot topic that the Adventist Church is currently struggling with. The Women in Ministry/Ordination should not be an issue when the Word of God clearly teaches gender roles.  At the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, God (Himself) gave each gender specific roles to […]

Temple of the Holy Spirit – Video About Diet

March 28, 2012


I recently spent some time with a group of Adventists who love to eat meat.  Fish, chicken, and beef is a regular diet for these Adventists.  Many of them are struggling with health issues.  It still amazes me when I hear Adventists seeking divine intervention in health related situations when the person chose to bring […]

Forks Over Knives – What You Eat Could Kill You!

April 26, 2011


The info in these video clips could save you from a lot of health problems and help you live a full and long life.   Make sure you watch this next video clip… As Adventists, we have known for many years how to have healthy and disease free bodies.  Maybe it is time to reread the […]