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Progressive Adventism at the GC Session

November 16, 2010


When I was wandering around the booths at the 2010 GC Session, I came across a gentleman (near the Spectrum Booth) who wanted to ask me nine survey questions.  I was glad to help.  Here are the questions… Should women be allowed to pastor Adventist churches? Should Adventist women pastors be ordained? Should the theory of […]

Who is Dr. Bruce Manners?

November 14, 2010


The more I learn about Dr. Bruce Manners, the more I wonder why he is still a paid minister in the Adventist Church.  Dr. Manners is the senior pastor of the church at Avondale Adventist College in Australia.      This is what I know so far… 1. He believes that homosexuals are born with that orientation. […]

Adventist Liberal Magazines

August 9, 2010


Spectrum Magazine and Adventist Today has proven they need a spiritual revival many times over.  These so-called Adventist media outlets struggle to embrace basic Adventist (Biblical) beliefs.  They are determined to water-down and cheapen our theology while introducing and implementing worldly methodology.  Most of the leaders and contributors to these two magazines are disgruntled and/or […]

My Definition of Liberal and Conservative

August 6, 2010


What is a conservative?  Someone who needs Jesus. What is a liberal?  Someone who needs Jesus. How do you like my definitions for these two words?  I know you conservatives and liberals out there are not too happy about what I just wrote.  Oh well!  I cannot go through life worrying about what everyone thinks […]

Is the magazine, Adventist Today, truly Adventist?

August 4, 2010


The Adventist Church is made-up with a variety of believers. I respect the fact that liberals in the church want to voice their opinions in the “Adventist Today” magazine. What I don’t understand and respect is seeing an “Adventist” media source publishing anti-Adventist material that belittles our denomination and invites people to leave our Church. […]