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Adventist Segregation

November 26, 2013


Where are the voices of concern in the Adventist Church when it comes to segregation of Adventist conferences, churches, and schools? Instead of seeking pure Christian unity and brotherly love in North America, we turn a blind-eye to the division of church members because of skin color and naively continue on as if nothing is […]

Church Unity and Structure

April 6, 2013


Author: Ken Lytle Media outlets and Hollywood have shed light on the civil rights movement and slavery in America in the past year.  America has reached a point in its history where a majority of its citizens has embraced the unity of ethnic races.  Unfortunately, there are pockets of ignorant people who still hold onto […]

History of Segregated Conferences

January 21, 2013


Author: Ken Lytle Shall we be the last of the Christian bodies to break away from our historic attitudes and chart a new course in our human relationships?  — G. C. President, W. H. Branson Have you ever wondered why we have white conferences and black conferences?  How can God’s Church be segregated in the […]

Desegregation Petition

January 19, 2013


Author: Ken Lytle It is hard to believe that God’s endtime Church is still segregated by skin color in North America.  There is no problem having Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, etc. speaking churches.  But having conferences, churches, and schools that are divided by skin color is a shameful blemish on God’s Church.  Addressing this problem is not impossible.  Some of […]

Unity vs Segregation

January 10, 2013


Here are a few Adventist pastors talking about unity between segregated conferences (USA). Take the time to watch this six-minute video and prayerfully think of ways for God’s Church to breakdown the segregation walls that divide us. If you live in an area that is segregated by color, please do what you can to help […]

Segregation in God’s Church

January 3, 2013


Author: Ken Lytle The new movie, Lincoln, is a great film that addresses the segregation and civil rights issue.  It begins a little slow, but has a great conclusion as President Lincoln gains one of the first victories for the civil rights movement here in the USA.  I recommend watching the film. Years later Dr. Martin […]

History About Adventist Segregation (Video)

January 18, 2012


Here is a short video clip about the formation of Regional (black) Conferences.  Is is important that we understand where we have come from… so to know where to go in the future.