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Political Correctness in Church

August 27, 2012


What does this verse mean to those who claim to love and follow Jesus? “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but so that the world might be saved through Him” — John 3:17. Living as an Adventist Christian church member and leader, I have personally experienced and […]

Liberal, Conservative, or Stuck in the Middle

May 8, 2012


Are you a liberal, conservative, or stuck in the middle?  I like to think I am stuck in the middle… that’s where Jesus was when He walked the earth.  For example: I believe that homosexuality goes against God’s will and is wrong, but I also believe our churches should always be safe places for active homosexuals […]

Are the “Christian Right” Right?

October 15, 2010


The Radical Christian Right never cease to amaze me (this includes some Adventists also).  This politically-driven group of people profess to be Christians, but seem to have a difficult time “walking and living in the Spirit” 24/7.  Ever since 9-11 in NYC… we have seen the Christian Right become more and more aggressive.  Who are we […]

My Definition of Liberal and Conservative

August 6, 2010


What is a conservative?  Someone who needs Jesus. What is a liberal?  Someone who needs Jesus. How do you like my definitions for these two words?  I know you conservatives and liberals out there are not too happy about what I just wrote.  Oh well!  I cannot go through life worrying about what everyone thinks […]