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Called to Plant Churches

April 10, 2012


Has God called you to “stop playing church”?  Are you ready to create a place where people can truly meet Jesus and grow in His amazing grace?  If so, I invite you to begin praying about developing a church planting team (or join one) to work towards planting a healthy and growing church. Q&A Do we need […]

Church Leadership

October 21, 2011


Message to pastors and church leaders…

Sunday Law News and Sunday Worship Quotes

August 11, 2011


“The North Dakota Catholic Conference has responded to criticism of a law  restricting Sunday hours for businesses, saying the regulation benefits the  whole of society.”  [READ MORE] Who Made Sunday Holy? “Question – Which is the Sabbath day? Answer – Saturday is the Sabbath day. Question – Why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday? […]

Missional Church

August 1, 2011


Here is a great video clip about an Adventist church that set aside the traditional sermon time for a series of twelve storytelling presentations that changed the lives of a whole family.  The time has come for us to rethink church.  Too many of us are playing church and have either forgotten or never learned what […]

Your Church Through the Eyes of a Visitor

April 28, 2011


This video clip shows what three very different (non-Adventist) visitors experienced while attending an Adventist church for the first time.  I hope you will take what you learn and try your best to make sure your church is always visitor-friendly.  One visit can “make it or break it” when it comes to being effective in […]

21st Century Adventist Worship

April 21, 2011


Public worship of our amazing God is serious business.  We should never play around or use worldly methods when it comes to worship.  The Word of God teaches us how to worship.  John the Revelator was whisked off in heaven in a vision/dream and there he experienced a little of what worship is all about in the throne […]

An Adventist Church on the East Coast (USA)

March 26, 2010


Here is a good example of an Adventist Church that has embraced a worldly methodology for worship.  On the flip side, cold formalism (organ and hymn only song service) can be just as bad.  We need a healthy balance in every church every Sabbath.