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Pastor David Asscherick (Videos)

April 6, 2013


Here are a few more video clips of Pastor David sharing his testimony and Bible truth. Bonus Videos Share these videos with your family and friends.  Copy and paste this address to your e-mails or facebook page –>

The Lightning War

February 1, 2013


Author: Andrew Kerbs During the summer of 1939, Europe rested in a tentative peace. Concern over the growing power and aggression of the Nazi state in Germany left many nations on edge. The horrors of the Great War remained fresh in the minds of Europe. Two decades removed and the costs of war were still […]

Jesus Journey

September 22, 2012


God is love. I believe each and every human being has a “God-shaped” void inside them. The only way to experience true love (hope, purpose, joy, etc) is to invite the Holy Spirit in to fill the void. The first step in the salvation process is to accept the fact that God is real and […]

The Blueprint: Earth’s Final Movie

May 8, 2012


This is a video of Pastor Ivor Myers preaching a sermon called, “The Blueprint: Earth’s Final Movie.”  I encourage you to watch the whole video… it starts a little slow, but gets very exciting further into the video.  Every Adventist needs to learn how to communicate this message.  PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH OTHERS!!! Feel free to […]

Disclosure – The Future Declassified with Shawn Boonstra #1 and #2

May 3, 2012


Here are a couple videos of Shawn Boonstra on his television show… Disclosure – The Future Declassified.  Videos #1 and #2 #1 – Daniel 2 #2 – Matthew 24 part 1

Shining For Jesus – Growth Groups

August 22, 2011


Another Monday has arrived! The Sabbath has come and gone and many of you took Sunday off to play with the kids, go shopping, or do some extra work around the house.  Monday is the universal indication that the work week has begun.  Millions of people hate Monday and cannot wait until Friday rolls around again.  […]

Study Earnestly – 2 Tim. 2:15

July 28, 2011


David Trim was recently elected to head up Archives, Statistics & Research at world church headquarters.  To help stay in touch with the laity, Trim is involved with a growing Twitter feed that highlights Adventist historical trivia (@GCArchives). Here is a portion of an article that was written for ANN. When Adventists lose sight of […]

Walking with Jesus

May 21, 2011


“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” — 2 Timothy 2:15. There is a lot on confusion in the world today.  Satan of going around like a roaring lion trying his very best to decieve us all.  Aside from […]