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Ordained Pastors Rebel

March 4, 2016


Author: Ken Lytle  The Women’s Ordination controversy is alive and well.  There are a number of Adventist Church leaders and members who believe women should have the same leadership roles as men in the Adventist Church.  This belief is in direct contradiction to the Word of God.  The Bible clearly teaches men are to be […]

Rebellion in NAD Leadership

November 6, 2013


Author: Ken Lytle As I research the method the North American Division Theology of Ordination Study Committee used to address the issue of women’s ordination, I can see that the liberals were given an unfair advantage in presenting material.  Instead of providing a fair playing field for prayerful study, the liberals in our NAD leadership “pushed” […]

Women’s Ordination and Liberalism (Video)

November 5, 2013


Here is a short video about Adventist liberals trying to justify their theological confusion and rebellion.   No matter how they candy-coat the poison, it is still poison.  Instead of focusing on creating healthier homes, which make healthier churches, we are quickly setting ourselves up for even more apostasies.  In the video, Pastor Carlton Byrd […]

Women’s Ordination Rebellion in NAD

November 5, 2013


Author: Ken Lytle I do not know about you, but NAD does not speak for me.  God, through His Word, is my guiding light.  It looks like the North American Division is going to set a bad example and rebel against the Word of God when it comes to women’s ordination.  NAD leadership is infused with liberals […]

Woman President Rebellion

October 31, 2013


The Southeastern California Conference (SCC) recently voted the first woman into the position of conference president.  SCC has been leading the way into open rebellion for many years.  In this part of the world, you will find Adventist leaders who openly support homosexuality, evolution, consumption of alcohol, and now a turning away from God’s plan for […]

Adventism in Crisis

August 29, 2013


Author: Ken Lytle The Adventist Church in North America is in crisis.  The devil has attacked us through extreme liberalism and conservatism and now we are a Church that has lost it’s spiritual, missional, and theological identity. Instead of focusing on equipping our church members to be modern-day disciples, we are catering to the itching […]

Theology of Ordination Study Committee Update

January 21, 2013


As some of you know, the General Conference has assembled a committee to develop a theological statement for ordination.  Members of the Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC) ended its first session—held January 15-17 at a meeting site near the church’s world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States—on an optimistic note. [READ ADVENTIST REVIEW […]

Gender Matters

August 21, 2012


Author: Pastor Chris, USA Gender Matters:  One very important thing social engineers of the 21st century have failed to remember. Apparently a radical feminist group has identified the enemy, and it is…LEGOs? What caused the controversy? Recently the new “LEGO Friends”, which were designed to appeal to little girls, hit the market. According to the […]

Mid-America Union Rebels Against God and His Church

March 10, 2012


The spiritual leaders at the Mid-America Union recently voted to allow women to be ordained as ministers.  This vote goes against what God has taught in His Word and the world-wide Church vote not to ordain women as ministers. The Word of God predicted that this type of rebellion would take place in the last days… […]

“In a bit of a tension with the GC” – Women in Ministry Issue

November 8, 2011


The North American Division recently voted to allow women to be conference and mission presidents.  The Church leaders in the USA have created a loophole that allows them to place commissioned women in key leadership roles.  The slippery slope is becoming even more slippery.  I believe that men and women are equals in the eyes […]